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    HiBy W5

    Price $109.00

    HiBy W5 - Unparalleled Bluetooth Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifire,UAT, Sampling Frequency Up to 192kHz, Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC, apt-X HD, 20 Hrs Playtime

  • The Fostex RPmk3 series headphones are successors to the reputed RPmk2 series, which for more than 30 years (including from the start of the T-series) have been used as reliable monitor headphones by professional recording studios across the globe. The unique planar-magnetic (also known as orthodynamic) driver unit incorporates Fostex's proprietary Regular Phase (RP) Technology diaphragm, which is delicately refined to achieve sharper audio reproduction for more accurate monitoring. The housing, ear pads, and head pad have also been redesigned both to derive the maximum performance of the RP driver, and provide maximum comfort for the listener
  • The HP-A4BL High-Resolution DAC / Balanced Headphone Amplifier from Fostex is a high resolution digital-to-audio converter and balanced headphone amplifier well suited for professional audio engineers, mastering engineers, and audiophiles. The HP-A4BL supports PCM audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz and DSD audio up to 11.2 MHz
    • Hi-Res up to 32bit/768k and DSD512
    • Supports Apple / Android / PC
    • 400mA Battery up to 8 hours
    • Fuly Discrete Amp Circuit
    • No-screw Uni-Body-Design
  • WooAudio WA7 Fireflies

    Price $999.00

    Woo Audio WA7 “Fireflies” Amp/DAC is a combination of high performance vacuum tube headphone amplifier with a built-in USB Digital-to-Analog Converter

  • Taking into account all of the above, we come to the conclusion that the new Fostex HP-A8mk2 is a reasonable evolution of the initially successful product.The cost of the device is $ 1200, it is a worthy competitor of products that are in the same price category. The ability to use as a DAC, an upsampler and an amplifier for headphones make the Fostex HP-A8mk2 a “three in one” device. Modern DAC, support for all audio formats and natural sounding of the new USB-DAC Fostex deserve close attention of music lovers.
  • WooAudio WA8 Eclipse

    Price $1,800.00

    WA8 Eclipse is the world's first battery-operated vacuum tube headphone amplifier and DAC. Featuring SET Class-A transformer output for transparent sound quality, a built-in 24bit/384kHz DAC, and easy transportability/set-up, it’s capable of driving high-end headphones of 8–600 ohm impedance, while its ultra-low noise circuitry is ideal for in-ear monitors.