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  • The Quloos QA390 is a hi-fi lossless music player, DAC, decoder, and headphone amplifier combined into an all-in-one mobile unit. It is powered by four 3300mAh Panasonic 18650 batteries that makes for a truly mobile hi-fi unit with 8-10 hours of high quality music listening.

  • The Full Digital Amplifier FDA QULOOS QA690 is the worthy successor of the QLS QA-100, the first affordable FDA amplifier on the market that is unanimously acclaimed by its users.

    the QULOOS QA690 takes back the electronic quality, the very high level components of the QA100 by bringing innovations which were lacking. Thus, the Quloos brand designer listening to his customers now offers much more than a revision of the QA-100.

    The QULOOS QA690 offers all the advantages of FDA amplification with an audio signal reducing all stages of conventional conversion and amplification by only 3 stages instead of the usual 8.

    FDA amplifiers, which can be described as digital power converters, offer today a real evolution and alternative to traditional analog and digital amplifiers.