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    DUNU EST 112 IEM

    Price $490.00
    • Quad-driver Triple-hybrid setup.
    • Third-generation 13.5mm dynamic driver unit with beryllium coated diaphragm.
    • Custom Knowles mid-high balanced armature driver.
    • Two high-performance Sonion EST drivers.
    • All-new Aluminium alloy body with stainless steel faceplates.
    • Litz braided silver-plated copper cable with DUNU’s patented Quick-Switch modular plug system.
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    DUNU Falcon Pro IEM

    Price $220.00
    • 10mm ECLIPSE dynamic driver with Amorphous DLC Dome.
    • Fully Independent Suspension Surround.
    • Interchangeable tuning nozzles.
    • Dual-chambered resonance control with multi-path Airflow Damping.
    • Rich CNC finished cast stainless steel housings with a chrome mirror finish.
    • Premium 6N silver-plated OCC copper cable with catch-hold MMCX connectors.
    • Patented Q-Lite Pro modular plug system with 2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRRS, and 4.4mm TRRS plugs.
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    DUNU Studio SA6 IEM

    Price $549.00
    • Six BA drivers each side(4 Knowles+2 Sonion).
    • Innovative atmospheric immersion DIP tuning switch.
    • High-grade stabilized wood faceplates.
    • Hand-poured UV acrylic resin shells.
    • Premium 8-core high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable.
    • Dunu patented a quick-switch modular termination plug system.
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    Price $899.00
    • 2nd Generation Dynamic Driver with W-Shaped Magnesium-aluminium alloy dome.
    • DUNU’s patented Nanoporous Amorphous Carbon Coating(Nano DLC).
    • DUNU’s patented Air Control Impedance System(ACIS).
    • Premium Neodymium Magnet with adjusted tolerances producing a powerful >1.8T Magnetic flux.
    • High-quality S316 Stainless Steel ear cavities.
    • Four-core high-purity Furukawa OCC Copper and Neotech Silver hybrid cable with DUNU’s patented Quick Switch Modular plug system.