HiFi Connect established to provide the world one of the best headphones there is – THE VERUM.

We are based in Israel and our VERUM is manufactured in Ukraine at our family plant.

We decided to start global distribution of the VVERUM from Israel since it is much more convenient in regard of shipment,warranty, customer support and real-time working.

Together with the VERUM we are also making our own unique Cable line called – "Vintage Sound Cables" and this cable is supplied with every VERUM unit.

We are also proud to represent, as distributors, many other brand for the Israeli market.

Feel free to contact us and advised as we are Musicians, song writers, performers – and we love HiFi stuff.

Our company, named “HiFi Connect”, was created to provide the world with one of the best audio-products - The VERUM headphones.

We are located in Israel and our headphones are manufactured at our family factory in Ukraine.

We decided to start the worldwide distribution of The VERUM headphones from Israel, since it is much more convenient in terms of shipping, warranty, customer support and real-time work.

We also manufacture our own unique cable-line, called “HiFi Connect Vintage Sound Cables”, and we provide each set of VERUM headphones with it.

We are also proudly acting as the exclusive representatives of many brands for the Israeli market.

As musicians, songwriters and performers, we invite you to feel free to contact us with any questions and suggestions that we will be happy to answer. We LOVE HiFi!