Topping NX4 DSD Portable Headphone Amplifier

Short description
  • NX4 DSD frequency response range is 20-100kHz, which is far more than CD quality and Hi-Res Audios requirements.Well deserved to get the Japanese Hi-Res Audio certification.
  • NX4 DSD Headphone Amplifier Decoder Topping NX4 DSD XMOS-XU208 DAC ES9038Q2M Chip Portable Headphone Amplifier Decoder
  • CD sound quality can reach 20-20kHz frequency response range and Hi-Res Audio standard requirements 20-40kHz frequency response range.
  • NX4 DSD provides 28 hours playback time for headphone amp and 7.5 hours playback time for USB DAC + headphone amp. Suitable Headphone Impedance:16-300Ω
  • You can play almost all kinds of Audio source because NX4 DSD is compatible with 32bit/768kHz、DSD256(Dop) and DSD512(native).

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