Dekoni Audio Razer Kraken Choice Leather Ear Pads for the Kraken Pro V2

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As many gamers have become audiophiles (and there are many audiophile gamers), we received many requests to make pads for the Kraken series.  Never fear, Dekoni is now here!  When you have a super long gaming session, you don’t want to get fragged by needing to take your hands off the controller to adjust your headset because you’re too hot or uncomfortable.  Dekoni brings comfort and improved sound isolation to one of the most popular headsets on the market by Razaer.


These pads fit the PRO V2 models

These do NOT fit the Tournament Pro models

Dekoni Choice Leather is a soft supple synthetic leather.  Its sheen look and incredibly gentle feel on the skin is constantly mistaken for real leather.  With incredible durability and unmatched comfort, you may find you like it even more than real sheepskin. Dekoni Choice Leather uses the same ultra slow rebound memory foam from the Elite series. What sets Dekoni apart from the herd is they tune every pad they make to specific headphones so you know you’re getting an upgrade and not just a replacement. 


Kraken Pads are available in:

Choice Leather

Choice Suede