Topping A50 Headphone Amplifier

Short description


  • The power of A50 is stabilized by the TI TPS7A33/47 low-noise linearregulator. It provides continuous pure power supply for A50.
  • Recommended to use with P50 linear powersupply for further improvement. Perfect match for power amplifier/active speaker. 15V output for A50,and the 5V outout for D50s so that to make a delicate system.
  • A50 digitizes the volume knob position, and transmits the data to RC1195 forecision volume controlling.
  • The two LME49720 OP-AMPS of A50 are equipped with socket for thoseexperienced Diyers to replace their desired DIP-8 OP-AMP so as to achieve different sound.
  • The outer casing is designed with the rmal conductive column to dissipate heat fromthe power supply and OP-AMP through the entire outer casing.