Short description

This will be your GO-TO headphone!

Great, huge and detail sound. Comfortable build and tons of tuning options.

Verum Mkii is your choice for great all around performance.



Welcome Verum 1, our debut product.

Each time, we start a new project - we're a thinking about people who will be using it. So for whom Verum 1 is made?

No doubts, that our firstborn is an audiphile product - open planar headphones, big over-ear design, premium materials. But our main goal is to make an audiophile grade product available for any music lover.

For sure those headphones will benefit from a Hi-FI source & amplifier, but you can run them from the good smartphone or quality player without any problems.


  • 82 mm membrane made from 8 um mylar film

  • 116 dB\V or 96 dB\mW sensitivity

  • 520 grams

  • 8 ohms