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הניסיון הראשון של Atsrotech לייצר IEM עם 3 קרוסים – והוא מוצלח ביותר!!

  • 6 דרייברים איכותיים
  • 4 סופר טוויטר אלקטרוסטאטיים
  • 1 דרייבר BA
  • 1 דרייבר דינמי
  • עיצוב מיוחד עם טיטניום
  • סאונד מפורט, דינמי ועם Vocals מושלמים!
  • כבל OFC ומצופה כסף
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Phoenix 6 is a brand-new flagship six-driver tribrid set of in-ear monitors from the house of Astrotec. Astrotec is a famous brand when it comes to HiFi in-ear monitors and earbuds. The Phoenix 6 is an exquisite pair designed with a unique design and ultimate titanium alloy shells. The pair houses a six-driver tribrid setup consisting of 4 Sonion EST tweeters, one Balanced Armature, and one custom-tuned Dynamic driver on each side.

First Flagship Tribrid From The House Of Astrotec:-

Astrotec has got years of expertise in designing premium IEMs and earbuds. The latest Phoenix is their first-ever flagship-grade set of in-ear monitors designed with a six-driver tribrid configuration per side. Astrotec has equipped the set with four high-performance EST super tweeters, one Sonion Balanced Armature driver, and one customized dynamic driver per side.

Professional Tuning For Balanced Yet Lively Sound Performance:-

Astrotec has professionally tuned the Phoenix 6 with a balanced tuning. The pair produces a rumbling bass response with crisp vocals and exceptional treble resolution and clarity. The four Sonion EST drivers retrieve the best details from the ultra-high frequencies and at the same time help the pair to produce an airy and wide soundstage. Be prepared to hear your music with all-new clarity and detail on the Astrotec Phoenix 6.

Unique New Design With Titanium Alloy Ear Shells:-

Astrotec Phoenix 6 has got a unique and beautiful design with solid Titanium alloy ear shells. The pair looks simply magnificent with a 3D pattern faceplate and an ergonomic shape for a comfy fit.

High-Purity OCC Copper Cable:-

Astrotec Phoenix 6 has a high-purity OCC copper cable with balanced 4.4mm termination. The cable has got standard 2-pin connectors allowing the users to upgrade the cable if they like.

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