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  • מתח משתנה מ 5-30V
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Hybrid HiFi Power Supply 5V-30V Adjustable

Ferrum Hypsos Alimentation HiFi Hybride 5-30V Réglable

The Ferrum Hypsos is a high-end power supply, offering exceptional technology and performance to give your HiFi audio system an extremely clean power supply for optimal sound reproduction. It has features never before seen in this price range. The device is software-controlled, with as few hardware-dependent components as possible.

Hybrid power supply

The Hypsos is a hybrid power supply model, taking advantage of both the benefits of a linear power supply and those of a switched-mode power supply. It provides low noise and ripple, as well as excellent transient response and high efficiency.

Sweet Spot Tuning (SST)

The Hypsos power supply allows you to fine-tune its output voltage to achieve the best possible sound. The voltage level can be safely changed on the fly for easy comparison testing.

Advanced Automation

Compatible with the Apple TV Remote and having an input/output trigger connector, it is possible to automate the switching on of devices in standby mode, even without a dedicated trigger connection.

A detailed sound

The Hypsos allows your audio system to perform at its best. Improve sound reproduction by adjusting the voltage level on the fly and using the best combination of 4T Sensing and Spectrum Diffusion Mode parameters.

User Profiles

Use the predefined settings from the list of supported devices or create your user profile manually. The Hypsos power supply offers a wide range of DC output voltage, from 5V to 30V, with a current of up to 6A.

4T Sensing Design (4TSD)

Ensure the correct voltage level at the DC input terminal of the powered device. A specially designed cable and a feedback function ensure a linear voltage at all times. This eliminates the adverse effects of cable resistance and significantly improves transient response.

Fully secured

The Hypsos power supply integrates an automatic transformer voltage adjustment (ATVA), an electronic polarity switch for the output voltage as well as protection against overvoltage, overcurrents and short circuits. Parameters can be locked to prevent accidental changes.

xxxThe electronically controlled output voltage and DC plug bias allow you to power a wide range of equipment without having to purchase different power supplies. Before the output power is applied, you are always asked to confirm the set parameters, either for the device predefined in the list or for the one entered manually.

xxxA complete and easy-to-update list of compatible devices is displayed directly in the device to make the installation of the Hypsos simple and safe.

xxxThe Sweet Spot Tuning (SST) offers the possibility to experiment your devices with a different voltage level. You can adjust the level (within the safety range described by the device manufacturer) of the output voltage on the fly, being sure not to damage your device.


The output cable benefits from a unique design: two conductors delivering the power and two others providing the feedback signal to ensure a constant linear voltage. This technique eliminates the adverse effects of cable resistance, improving transient response. The speed of current distribution at the input of the powered device is significantly improved.

The Hypsos power supply is delivered with two high quality DC jack cables, one 5.5/2.5mm DC jack and one 5.5/2.1mm DC jack.


Technical characteristics



Product type HiFi Power supply
Input voltage 110-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Input connector IEC C14
With fuse, power button and two-stage EMI filter
Output cables 1x Jack DC 5.5/2.5mm 50cm
1x Jack DC 5.5/2.1mm 50cm
Output voltage range 5-30V adjustable
Max. continuous output current (@ Output voltage < 10V) 6A
Max. continuous output current (@ Output voltage > 10V) Iout = 60W / DCout
Max continuous output power (@ Output voltage < 10V) Pout = Vout * 6A
Max continuous output power (@ Output voltage> 10V) 60W
Primary winding fuse Fuse IEC 5x20mm, 3.15AT, 250V
Secondary winding fuse Littelfuse 154004T, 4A
Dimensions 217.5 x 206.5 x 50mm
Weight 2.8kg
Black Color
Schuko power cable Included

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