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אוזניות פוסטקס Th-610 ממשיכות את הדרך של סדרת ה- 600, ועכשיו עם כבל נתיק אלו אחת האוזניות הסגורות עם סאונד מרשים ומחיר מעולה.

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TH610 Stereo Headphones

Product Review

The elegant look of wooden shells, the comfort of pads and headband and the high class of sound for two and a half thousand zlotys. (Polish currency). Wide and deep stage, with high-end level of sophistication.Read the full review here.

Hi-Fi Philosophy

Product Review

The TH610 is an excellent-sounding home headphone that offers a refined sound.Read the full review here.

Hi-Fi Choice

Product Review

The Fostex TH610 has many strengths, and represents a very good headphone set that will provide hours of musical enjoyment. Firmly Recommended.Read the full review here.

Hifi Critic

Product Review

I found myself engrossed in the music for hours at a time, listening fatigue never rearing its ugly head. Definitely worth a listen.Read the full review here.

Hi Fi World

Product Review

German Web magazine, reviewed the Fostex TH610 Headphones and gave them a full five stars.Read the full review here.

Model TH610 is a successor to the model TH600 consisting of the premium TH series line together with the conventional TH900 and the new TH900mk2.  The TH610 newly features the detachable cable connection and beautiful matte finished black walnut housings in addition to the reputed bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm and the powerful 1 tesla (1,000 gauss) magnetic circuit.

Avoid an extended use at high volume levels as your hearing may be permanently impaired. You are advised never to use headphones in such situations as driving vehicle and cycling as your ability to react to emergencies will be considerably reduced.

In Detail

  •  Beautiful wood-grained housings made of black walnut with matte finish
  • 50mm driver units with 1 tesla (1,000 gauss) magnetic circuit for wide dynamic range repro-duction with low distortion
  • The unique “bio-dyna” diaphragm that offers rich lows, natural mid range and smooth highs
  • Detachable cable connection compatible with the TH900mk2.  The contact part is coated by highly durable rhodium material.
  • Comes with quality Hi-FC cable with the detachable 2-pin connector
  • Ear pads made of low repulsion cushion material in quality artificial leather for comfortable fitting

Replacement Ear Pads


EX-EP-61, Replacement Ear Pads (pair)


Type:    Closed, Dynamic
Driver:    50mm Neodymium magnet / Bio-dyna diaphragm
Impedance:    25 ohm
Sensitivity:    98dB / mW
Maximum Input Power:    1,800 mW
Frequency Response:    5Hz – 45kHz
Weight:    approx. 375g (excluding the cable)
Connector:    2-pin  (gold-plated with rhodium over-coated)
Cable:    3m Hi-FC  (detachable 2-pin, rhodium coated)
Jakck:    1/4” stereo unbalanced, gold-plated
Accessories:    Leatherette carrying bag

Document Downloads

The following documents are available to download in Adobe Acrobat format.

Owners Manual

Declaration of Conformity

For more document downloads, check the manuals section in Technical Support

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