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  • A MUST have in every audio set-up!!
  • NCF Technology - Nano Crystal² Formula
  • NCF Clear Line-RCA instantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio
  • Dual Mono Configuration - using two optimizers delivers even greater improvements
  • Rhodium-plated, pure copper conductors with one-piece construction
  • Advanced Damping - pressure-sealed internal air chamber
  • Furutech's two-stage ‘Alpha’ cryogenic and demagnetization process
  • Stress-free, stable, and highly conductive metal for superior audio and video performance
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Furutech NCF Clear Line-RCA Line Optimizer

Furutech’s NCF Clear Line-RCA Line Optimizer, an evolution of the acclaimed Clear Line AC Optimizer, introduces a groundbreaking solution for audio enthusiasts seeking to enhance their system’s signal lines. This compact device effortlessly integrates into any spare RCA output or input terminal, providing a user-friendly means to elevate the quality of amplifiers, DACs, CD/DVD/SACD players, and more. Its simplicity of use belies its profound impact – a significant improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio delivers heightened detail, clarity, and an enriched soundstage marked by vividness and greater contrast. With Furutech’s exclusive Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF) technology at its core, the NCF Clear Line-RCA showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation, bringing the benefits of NCF’s unique crystalline material, capable of eliminating static and converting thermal energy into far infrared, to the forefront of home audio.

The NCF Clear Line-RCA’s construction incorporates premium materials, including rhodium-plated, pure copper conductors, and an outer body formed with NCF liquid crystal polymer resin. Advanced damping features such as audio-grade ceramic capacitors, pressure-sealed internal air chambers, and a two-stage ‘Alpha’ cryogenic and demagnetization process for metal parts contribute to its superior performance. With Furutech’s commitment to simplicity and excellence, the NCF Clear Line-RCA Line Optimizer emerges as a transformative addition to audio setups, promising an immersive and refined audio experience that captures the essence of the original recording.

FURUTECH CLEAR LINE RCA Audio Signal Optimizer

This RCA connector from Furutech’s NFC Clear Line range is designed to optimize the audio signal. It works in “Plug and Play” mode for an instant improvement in sound reproduction with, among other things, a considerable improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), better dynamics and more transparent, natural sound coloration. This NFC clear Line RCA is designed for use on the RCA inputs and outputs of your Hi-Fi equipment, such as amplifiers or DACs. This signal optimization is made possible by NFC (Nano Crystal² formula) technology and the use of hybrid ceramic capacitors.

NFC technology by Furutech (Nano Crystal² formula)

The Clear Line uses Furutech’s NCF hybrid structure. This specially developed material incorporating a crystalline material was chosen for its ability to passively eliminate static charges and efficiently dissipate thermal energy. This remarkable material is coupled with ceramic and carbon nano-particles to provide additional piezoelectric damping and resonance absorption. This makes Nano Crystal² Formula an incomparable solution for mechanical and electrical damping.

FURUTECH CLEAR LINE RCA Audio Signal Optimizer

Hybrid ceramic capacitors

An audio-grade ceramic capacitor also enhances the acoustic performance of your equipment. This passive-type capacitor is coated with a special high-performance damping treatment that eliminates unwanted vibrations and improves sound clarity. Interference induced by the inputs and outputs terminals of your devices is also eliminated for the best possible sound experience.

α Alpha treatment

All metal and conductive parts of the NFC Clear Line RCA have benefited from the Alpha treatment developed by the brand. This consists of a first cryogenization stage, followed by a second demagnetization stage, to increase the material’s conductivity. As the contacts are already made of rhodium-plated OCC copper, the NFC Clear Line RCA audio signal optimizers benefit from top-of-the-range material treated by advanced technologies.

The screws of this product are fixed. Please do not disassemble or modify by yourself.

Technical characteristics

Product type Audio signal optimizer
Connector RCA
Technology NFC
Contacts treatment α (Alpha)
Body material Stainless steel, nylon and carbon fiber
Contact material OCC copper
Contact plating Rhodium

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