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Designed For the Purest Sound Experience

The World’s Smallest O nline Streaming Music Player, Monstrous Sound Packed Into a Tiny Body.


Top of the Line Audio Components

Uses a premium ESS ES9028Q2M DAC chip, HBC3000 DSD256 capable audio controller and 8 panasonic hi-polymer/tantalum POSCAP capacitors. HiBy R3 delivers an SNR of up to 117dB and THD+N down to 0.002%, a hi-res audio performance that captures the depth and breadth of each note.

Smallest and Lightest Tidal/Qobuz Online Music Library Player

The R3 can be connected to the Tidal and Qobuz ONLINE music library via Wi-Fi, a genuine wireless experience. Many more digital media will make use of API which is supported R3 to expand music sharing with other music apps (more streaming services may come).

Mage Sound 8-Ball Tuning

MSEB is a combination of multiple algorithms based on parametric equalizer (PEQ) and sound field adjustments to create the most satisfying sound for you.

Endless Possibilites of Wireless Streaming Music

High Speed Wi-Fi, DLNA and AirPlay Support, Enjoy Hi-Fi Streaming Music Like Never Before.


Bi-Directional Bluetooth Connectivity

By featuring Bluetooth 4.1, aptX , HiBy R3 is able to deliver Hi-Res audio quality over Bluetooth; T he audio coding technology of LDAC allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth on HiBy R3 ; Another connectivity option is the HiBy Link, which allows you to play Hi-Res music stored on the R3 via remote control on your smartphone.


Master Quality Authenticated

MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated – an audio technology that makes original Hi-Res audio becomes reality. R3 can guarantees the purest sound quality with MQA. With latest firmware update will enable the HiBy R3 to have MQA compatibility.


HiBy OS with Up to 2TB Expandable Storage

R3‘s HiBy OS reflects our decades of experience in software development. With the highest runtime permissions, multithreaded man-machine interaction, pure audio experience is all yours. HiBy R3 does not have any internal storage, but it comes with a micro-SD card slot for expandable storage that supports up to 2TB. Big enough to carry your entire music library.


Outstanding Power Management

With its 1600mAh high-capacity battery, R3 is good for up to 11 hours of playtime and more than 60 days of standby time.

Pocket Sized Full Touch Screen

R3 is a Portable Hi-Fi Lossless Music Player. With its Impressive Arc Body, It Offers the Best Hi-Fi Music Experience Whether You’re at Home or On-the-Go.


Easy to Grab Pocket-size

Compact and Lightweight


3.2” IPS LCD Touch Screen
Physical Control Buttons

Supports Diverse Headsets and Devices

R3 features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack (shared LO output) and a 2.5mm balanced headphone jack, which enables the R3 able to output its Hi-Fi audio to a wide variety of devices.

Supports Most Hi-Res Formats

The HiBy R3 supports most Hi-Res lossless formats, including FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, AIFF, DSD IOS, DFF and OGG. Native support for DSD256, PCM up to 384Khz/32bit, delivers lifelike audio and breathtaking instances of sound.

Bi-direction USB Connectivity

A bi-directional USB DAC interface allows you to use the R3 as a ultra high quality USB audio dongle for your smartphone or as a digital audio source for other devices.

In The Box

1. HiBy R3

2. White Plastic Case

3. USB Type C Cable

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