PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch Pro XT1610UO מסך מגע נייד



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  • מסך המגע הנייד הראשון בעולם בגודל 15.6 אינץ’ ברזולוציית 4K AMOLED
  • צבעים מציאותיים, שחורים עמוקים והרבה דיוק
  • מעולה ליוצרים ואנשי עיצוב
  • דיוק צבעים גבוה, ניגודיות מעולה וזמן תגובה מהיר במיוחד
  • מציע חמישה חיבורים לחיבור כמעט כל מכשיר שתרצו ports that allow connection to virtually any device
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Introducing XtendTouch Pro, the world’s first 15.6-inch 4K AMOLED portable monitor, with true-to-life colors, extreme blacks, and stunning details that let you see and work better.

There are over 8.3 million self-lit pixels in the XtendTouch Pro 4K AMOLED display, each emits their own light independently and can be completely turned off. Therefore, the XtendTouch Pro enables everyone to enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience, with vivid colors, deep black, stunning images, and incredible details.

High quality displays are of vital importance to many professionals like video editors, photographers, designers, colorists, and anyone chasing superior quality to see the true colors, contrast, and details of their content. XtendTouch Pro is your creative studio on-the-go that gives you everything you need to boost creativity and productivity.

XtendTouch Pro is equipped with multiple ports that allow connection to virtually any device. Whether you are using the display with a laptop, smartphone, or even Switch for gaming, XtendTouch Pro meets all your daily demands.

The cutting-edge power supply system ensures stable operation at high-brightness. In contrast, typical monitors will turn dark without sufficient power or can’t reach high-brightness at all.

Every XtendTouch Pro comes with a foldable stand and magnetic cover that can unlock endless viewing possibilities. The stand is designed with pros in mind and is completely adjustable, allowing your XtendTouch Pro to fit seamlessly into any work environment. The magnetic cover provides great protection while using in both landscape and portrait mode (auto-rotation via gyroscope).

The AMOLED display panel of the XtendTouch Pro has a native hardware blue light filter that shifts the frequencies of the harmful blue light spectrum to the beneficial spectrum and thus effectively reducing damage to the eye while maintaining its picture quality. It’s with up to 70% less blue light emission than an LCD monitor.

Typical portable monitors always seem to have poor sound quality. We armed XtendTouch Pro with dual stereo speakers that deliver outstanding audio and dynamic bass for crystal clear sound for any application.

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