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והנה הוא הגיע !! כל מה ש Questyle  עבדו עליו במשך שנים – עכשיו בחבילה קטנה ומדהימה זו.
  • שני מגברי CIP מיוחדים – פטנט בלעדי.
  • 4 מעגלי הגברה
  • יותר דינמיקה ויותר פרטים
  • יציאה 3.5 וגם 4.4
  • גוף עשוי אלומיניום CNC
  • כיסוי עליון שקוף – רעיון מדליק!!
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In this complex world, we pursue simplicity.
Don’t be fooled by its small size. The M15 offers uncompromising performance and best-in-class fidelity,
giving you the ultimate portable audio experience.


The era of 5G has brought music streaming from smart devices fully into the mainstream. As more and more music platforms launch lossless audio streaming services, mobile hi-res audio has changed from a neat gimmick into a real and growingly popular way to enjoy high-fidelity music. However, it’s often impractical to use traditional HiFi audio equipment with your smartphone on-the-go, due to size and power consumption. To solve this problem, the M15 was born: it distills all of Questyle’s expertise and technologies into an amazingly powerful yet compact mobile DAC & amp.

Minimalist on the Outside, Stunning on the Inside

Your HiFi, Anytime, Anywhere

Two Independent SiP

Greater Dynamics, Richer Details

The M15 contains two of Questyle’s patented CMA (Current Mode Amplification) SiP modules, for a total of four CMA amp engines. This quadruple drive amplification circuitry gives an outstandingly strong output that can drive almost any headphone. Questyle’s Current Mode Amplifiers are characterized by their small footprint, low voltage operation, and minimal power consumption. Current amplification has unnaturally low impedance, affording the M15 a bandwidth up to1MHz, distortion as low as 0.0003%, and the ability to reproduce every detail hidden deep within any track.




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