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  • השילוב הנהדר של חומרים כמו עץ ומתכת נותן לאזניות מראה קלאסי ואופנתי
  • דרייבר בגודל 50 מילימטר הפותח ויוצר על ידי החברה מבטיח צליל זורם והאזנה לזמן ממושך
  • הבס עמוק ואלסטי, המיד נקי והטרבל בהיר
  • אין לחץ על האזניים בעת האזנה
  • גוף העץ מיוצר בעבודת יד
  • כבל נתיק ועמיד
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  • COMFORT – The shape of the earphone pad is specially designed according to the shape of the ear, provides better comfort for your ears. Equipped with high protein earpads, excellent comfort makes you feel free to immerse yourself in the music world. Adjustable headband is suitable for more people.

  • LOW IMPEDANCE – 32Ω low impedance makes more devices fit it. Compatible with virtually every audio device including phones, tablets and computers. Only need to match good music, whether ordinary mobile phones or computers can vividly play the sound quality effect. Of course, if you use a professional player, there will be better results.

  • CLASSIC DESIGN – Handcrafted with natural wood, so each headphone is with unique wood grain. The surface is coated with piano paint, which not only gives the shell a sharper look, but also further protects the wood.

  • SPECIAL FILM – The uniquely developed polycarbonate film and the independently developed diaphragm structure not only solve the shortcomings of the diaphragm being easily deformed, but also ensure the transient and detail of sound restoration.

SIVGA team independently researched and developed the ultra-thin diaphragm physical characteristics to solve the shortcomings of the diaphragm being easily deformed. When the music stops, the background is clean, and the sound is rich and natural when the music is played.


SIVGA classic wood shell design – Natural and high-density rosewood is the first choice for high-end musical instruments, which can make excellent sound quality.

SVIGA gives something new on SV021, processes piano high gloss craftsmanship. It’s not just refreshing, it’s protective.


Headband is made of good quality high protein leather for soft and delicate feeling. Computerized embroidery thread for 3D looking.


The metal parts are made by scientific and exquisite crafts, which makes the noble and luxurious texture design.


The earpads are detachable, which can be replaced easily and conveniently. Delicate earpad leather has a good skin feeling. The ultra soft memory foam provides better comfort.


Connection type Wired
Driver system 50 mm Dynamic
Fit Over-Ear
Impedance 32Ω
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity 105dB
Wood type Rosewood
Weight 275g

Package Contents

  • SV021 headphone x 1
  • Dual 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable x 1
  • Hemp bag x 1
  • 3.5mm female to 6.35mm male adaptor x 1

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