Unique Melody MEST Custom

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  • אזניות כפתור חוטיות
  • רגישות: @1KHz 118dB
  • טווח תדרים: 20Hz-55KHz
  • עקבה: 14Ω
  • קרוס אובר 5-ערוצים.
  • מערכת 8 דרייברים (1דינאמי לתדרים נמוכים, 2BA לבינוניים גבוהים, 2BA לגבוהים 2EST עבור הגבוהים מאוד, 1Bone Conduction)
  • דרייבר ה Bone Conduction  מאפשר העברת תנודות דרך דרך חלקים מתכתיים המכוסים בקרמיקה פייזו אלקטריק.
  • מאפשרות התאמה נוחה והרכבה פשוטה.
  • כולל מתאם 2.5ממ ל-3.5, ומתאם 2.5ממ ל-4.4ממ.
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MEST Bone Conduction Technology

Diagram 1: MEST Exploded Views

Diagram 2:The faceplates of the headphones are specially designed according to the structure of the bone conduction drivers. Bone conduction driver delivers signals by vibrating the faceplate. Then the signals are passed to the carbon fiber shell and finally delivered to your inner ear.

Diagram 3: The bone conduction drivers are made by metal vibration pieces that are covered by piezoelectric ceramics. The ceramic layers will bend the metal vibration pieces to make micro-vibrations according to the changes of input alternating voltage.

Diagram 4: The frequency curve of the bone conduction driver along with the shell on HATS.

According to the frequency features of bone conduction driver, it can be used to embellish the vocals and instruments in mid and treble.

As a summary, MEST bone conduction technology has the following features:

  1. No standalone sound tunnels.
  2. Sound can be heard by touching any parts of the shell.
  3. Low-Voltage driving bone conduction driver
  4. Resistant to treble noises
  5. Low distortion
  6. Smart fit and easy to be assembled

MEST Bone Conduction Technology

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