Centrance AMPERSAND Portable AMP


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  • Works with any music source
  • Delivers clarity, power and punch to your favorite headphones.
  • Supports Balanced input on 4.4 + 3.5mm jack
  • Balanced Class A 
  • Precision audiophile op amps
  • Analog volume controlwith hydraulic pressure
  • Hybrid Power System
  • Battery Supply
  • Precision, 6-step Stereo VU meter 
  • 3-position Gain switch 
  • Var/Fix switch 
  • Aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum chassis 
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CEntrance HEDD combo

CEntrance / HEDD combo had punch, ample low-end, clarity, and plenty of drive.

– Ken Micallef, Stereophile

Your Music, Your Way

Most planar magnetic headphones under-perform when used with a typical Digital Audio Player, DAC or a component stereo. They only “open up” when paired up with a real power amplifier. This is due to the nature of their drivers, which require watts of electrical power to move the diaphragm. Until now, such power was only available in select desktop devices.

Ampersand is a pure analogue amp that changes everything. Not only does it provide the needed audio power, but also, it does so on the go! It’s built-in rechargeable battery will make sure your beloved headphones will keep singing as you move around the house, or travel around the world.

Don’t have travel plans? Ampersand is happy sitting on your desk or bedside table, powered through its USB-C power jack. Our innovative battery charging circuitry measures the battery voltage once every second and turns on charging only when necessary. This allows you to keep Ampersand plugged-in indefinitely, without harming its high-quality, long-life Lithium-Polymer battery.

Ampersand features balanced and single-ended connections on input and output. Enjoy total flexibility to use any equipment in your arsenal — DACs, DAPs and any other sources. With modern connection options, such as 3.5 mm, 4.4 mm PENTACONN and 4-pin XLR you’d be hard pressed to find audio equipment that’s not compatible with Ampersand. Use a balanced source with unbalanced headphones, or the other way around — your choice.

Whether you like to listen to music around the house or on-the-go, you no longer need to compromise when using your favorite headphones. No matter where life takes you, now you can enjoy consistent sound quality in any location. In addition to its portability, this compact, yet versatile power amplifier is destined to become your to-go audio piece.

Ampersand Outputs
Ampersand offers balanced and unbalanced outputs

Your Ampersand is calibrated to standard 2V input level. Its LED VU meters let you see levels coming in from your DAP. Meter brightness is gradually adjustable from pitch-black to daylight visible. Set it to match the ambient light and enjoy the light show.

  • Experience wide soundstage, breathtaking vocals, soaring highs and solid, confident bass. Let Ampersand drive your planar headphones to their fullest potential.
  • Play music from your favorite source, whether it’s your DAP, DSD player of turntable. Pair it up with the Ampersand and there is no stopping to your musical enjoyment.
  • Listen at home, on the plane or at the beach-side cottage. Rechargeable battery will deliver hours of off-the-grid, peaceful serenity.


Ampersand Modern Connections

Modern Connections

Connect your source music player and headphones with any cables — single-ended or balanced. Use Ampersand’s 3.5 mm, 4.4 mm PENTACONN or 4-pin XLR output. Ampersand will make signal conversions for you automatically, whether your inputs and outputs are balanced or unbalanced.

Calibrated VU meters

Your Ampersand is calibrated to standard 2V input. Its LED VU meters let you see levels coming in from your DAP, so you can adjust accordingly and avoid overloads. Meter brightness is gradually variable from pitch-black to daylight visible. Set it to match the environment and enjoy the enchanting light show.

Ampersand Calibrated VU meters
Ampersand Volume knob

Smooth Volume Knob

Ampersand volume control is handled by a professional-quality, analog potentiometer with a hydraulic pressure absorbing system, for a smooth, satisfying feel during adjustment. In addition, Ampersand has a 3-position gain switch, so you can dial the levels precisely to match your taste, no matter the source material — from classical to thrash metal.

Ultimately Stackable

Ampersand stacks perfectly with our HiFi-M8 V2. Connect them with a 2.5 mm or 3.5mm cable and enjoy music over USB or Bluetooth while  driving up to 6W into your favorite headphones! Ampersand also features a 1/4″-20 camera thread, offering significant mounting flexibility. Clamp it to anything and easily position the volume knob within reach.

Ampersand is Stackable
lithium battery graphic

Battery-Backed Power

Ampersand is great not just for travel, but also for desktop listening. Leave it plugged in. Charging and powering is easy, using any 12W USB charger. The custom Li-Po rechargeable battery buffers the mains supply, making the device insensitive to brownouts and line interference. Your music is perfectly preserved.

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