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Not much to say.... just simply BRILIANT !!!! https://www.headpie.net/2020/06/centrance-hifi-m8v2-detailed.html "And SO FAR I AM THRILLED with the sound and performance of the HiFi M8 V2. The hot side can not only drive difficult 300 ohm Sennheiser headphones but can actually drive them with authority and skill befitting the performance of a desktop amp..."
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Precision Portable Reference

For a passionate audiophile with a large headphone collection, HiFi-M8 (pronounced “HiFi-Mate”) is the World’s most advanced portable D/A converter and headphone amplifier. With high-resolution USB input, studio-quality Bluetooth input, professional VU meters and four separate headphone outputs (including two balanced outputs),  nothing matches this portable gem! At a meet or at the store, enjoy or compare any headphones, up to 4 pairs at once, with this Flagship DAC/AMP from CEntrance.

HiFi M8 on table with IEMs
HiFi-M8 makes it easy to enjoy audiophile sound anywhere. Photo courtesy of headpie.net.

With HiFi-M8 V2, we proudly present the next generation of our award-winning portable DAC.  Pronounced “HiFi-Mate”, the original D/A converter and amplifier took the world by storm due to its ability to drive any headphones and compatibility with most computers and phones.

In Version 2, we updated the D/A resolution, further improved noise and distortion specs, added Bluetooth input and four headphone outputs (two balanced and two unbalanced). We further added an LED VU meter, a USB C jack, and many other improvements! HiFi-M8 V2 is the next generation portable amplifier for the demanding audiophile.

HiFi-M8 V2 works with many DAPs, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows. It’s lightweight and makes it easy to listen to high-quality music anywhere. Whether you prefer balanced-armature IEMs or large overhead cans, this product is for you. Enjoy over 10 hours of music off the grid. HiFi-M8 V2 is the ultimate portable amplifier for the audiophile on the move.

Studio-Grade Quality

HiFi-M8 builds on 20 years of studio product design. Unmatched in performance and audio quality, it  supports 4 headphones (2 balanced), for ultimate flexibility. It adds USB and Bluetooth inputs, subtle, musical EQ and digital gain control for perfect channel matching. But that’s just the beginning…
lithium battery graphic

Hybrid Power System

HiFi-M8’s is great not just for travel, but also for desktop listening. The battery buffers the mains supply, making the device insensitive to brownouts and line interference. And since its output power is so high, HiFi-M8 removes the need for a separate desktop DAC/Amp. Use it on a desktop or on a trip!

For All Headphones

The only way to satisfy both In-Ear and Overhead headphones is to use separate amps. So that’s what we did. The “Cool Side” is ultra-quiet, for driving IEMs. The “Hot Side” will push your planars to ear-splitting levels. HiFi-M8 V2 has four separate headphone outputs, meaning 8 mono amps inside!

Professional Meters

See the mastering levels of your favorite tunes. HiFi-M8’s professional VU meters are calibrated to 0dB FS, with over 40 dB of dynamic range. Brightness is adjustable from zero to daylight. Best of all, LED meters consume only a fraction of power of an LCD screen, so the battery lasts much longer!

Stamina Mode

HiFi-M8 has a smart power management system that adjusts battery life to match your lifestyle. Far away from a charger? Turn on the Stamina mode and enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous high-quality playback. Working at a desktop? Unleash watts of power from the Hybrid Power System!

Charging Flexibility

HiFi-M8 is smart enough not to drain the battery of your phone. But it can charge from the laptop you stream from. Or a standard 5V USB charger. There are two USB C jacks on the product: one for USB audio / charging and another for charging only. You can reconfigure them with the flick of a switch.

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