FIR Audio Neon 4 IEM

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  • Mind Blowing sound with still affordable price – you will be stunned!
  • Hybrid IEM with 1 x Dynamic Driver, 3 x Balanced Armatures 
  • Machined Aluminum Shells (UIEM)
  • Sapphire Glass Faceplates (UIEM)
  • ATOM XS Interchangeable Modules (UIEM)
  • Available in Universal and Custom Fit
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The Neon 4 is for the lover of smooth, creamy sounds. Which it achieves without sacrificing resolution. The Neon 4’s highlight lies in its lush, upper mids and trebles. As well as a stellar sense of space and positioning from its ATOM XS module. Place these characteristics on a snappy, speedy bass foundation for an immersive, detail-oriented listen.

The Neon 4 features a machined aluminum shell, a sapphire glass faceplate, equipped with 3 balanced armature drivers, a 10mm dynamic driver for lows, fed into FiR Audio’s Kinetic Bass port.

Along with the rest of the Frontier Series, the Krypton 5 comes in Universal-Fit and Custom-Fit models.

Conventional In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) can often lack depth and feel because they only provide you with half the sound. When you listen to music in a natural open-ear environment, you hear sound in two ways: air conduction and bone conduction. Air conduction is sound that you hear with your eardrums. Bone conduction is the conduction of sound through the bones in your head as it reaches the inner ear (cochlea). Hybrid conduction is when you can hear with both, air conduction and bone conduction.

A bass you not only hear, but can also feel.

Kinetic Bass technology features a 10mm dynamic driver that is open and ported in an optimized manner directly facing the outside of the IEM shell. This allows low frequency sound to be transmitted directly to the ear cartilage and surrounding area. These low frequencies are converted to kinetic energy and reach the inner ear via bone conduction. This results in a more immersive sound with a bass you can feel with increased dimension and an off-the-charts low frequency extension.

Open Acoustic System

This is a unique technology of the company, which consists of three elements. These are an open emitter, a sound reactor and a sound reflector.

An open driver has obvious advantages – no distortion and open natural sound. The sound reactor, in turn, generates sound with natural acoustics. It does not use trivial solutions in the form of various dampers and filters that are commonly used. As a rule, they allow you to solve one problem, but affect the naturalness of the sound. The sound reflector, in turn, directs the sound into the ear canal. This results in greater sound transmission efficiency along with its fidelity and detail instead of the typical dithering.

This technology is applied at high frequencies.

Direct Aperture Acoustics

As you know, high frequencies are most sensitive to distortion. Therefore, the reinforcing radiators responsible for this section of the range are located directly in the sound guide. This avoids the problems caused by frequency reflections in the long tube of the sound guide. As a result, the sound is clearer and more natural.

In the same way, the electrostatic emitter is also tubeless and is also located directly in the sound duct.

Kinetic Bass

Another proprietary technology is aimed at more realistic bass transmission. The 10mm driver is securely attached to the case wall. This allows you to use not only acoustic, but also bone sound transmission. In addition, it is consistent with ATOM ports. First of all, it creates an openness of the membrane. It is acoustically unloaded. That is, it is able to move more precisely and naturally, with a sensitive and precise response. In this case, the emitter is directed directly to the ear cartilage and the adjacent area inside the auricle. The kinetic energy of the movement of the membrane allows sound to propagate through the tissues of the body, reaching the eardrum by bone conduction. This gives a more natural and accurate bass response.


ATOM is the company’s proprietary technology. It was used before, but was specially modified for the new model. Now the modules have become noticeably more compact. It allows you to relieve excess pressure inside the ear canal. What does it give? First of all, there is no air pressure on the eardrum. This helps protect your hearing. The eardrum is in its natural state, so even prolonged listening does not cause fatigue.

Secondly, it allows you to unload the membrane emitters. As a result, they are more sensitive to the response, transmitting the sound in more detail, accurately and naturally. In addition, this technology also affects the structure of the scene, making it wider and more natural.

In addition, here these modules are made interchangeable.

Direct EAST

Direct EST is a proprietary electrostatic driver control technology. Thanks to her, it is possible to coordinate it well with other radiators, creating an accurate, but at the same time open and natural sound.


The new model shell is designed taking into account the experience of custom manufacturing and will be convenient for most users. The material is anodized stainless steel. The faceplate, in turn, is made of sapphire crystal and has a specific recognizable design.

In addition, for the top model, a decision was made to use 2-pin 0.78 sockets, tested on more than 1000 connections. In addition, they are installed in such a way as to ensure maximum compatibility. This will help you choose the cable to your liking or replace it if repair is needed.

Traditional in-ear monitors use a miniature speaker called a driver with a sound tube that carries the sound to the canal stem. The tube introduces unwanted resonances and results in a closed-in, stuffy sound.


1x 10mm Kinetic Bass Dynamic Driver, 3 x Balanced Armatures
2-Pin 0.78mm

Package Include:

  • Fir Audio Neon 4
  • Leather case
  • 3 pairs of ATOM XS ports
  • Port replacement tool
  • Earmuff set
  • Company patch
  • Cable
  • Documentation.

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